At the vet

Last Monday the pups visited our favourite vet, Halvor, at Grimstad Dyreklinkk. They got vaccine, chip and a health check. He couldn’t praise our beauties enough! So cool on the table! We really have a confident gang!
I didn’t take any pictures, because I had enough running in and out with 10 pups to the car, but here are a picture I posted on Instagram of changing the ink for the 3rd time making the info book to the puppybuyers:



Ohh, the pups are soon 8 weeks old, and soon ready to leave for new homes! It’s busy days, so not much update here. But tonight I published lots of pictures!
We still have a couple of puppies that search for the right homes! Here is sweet Mr Brown that still wants a family!

Monday I will take the whole gang to the vet for vaccine and health check.

IMG_4274 - Kopi

7 weeks old

Wohoo! Our 10 babies are now 7 weeks old! It’s only 1 week left before the first ones start to leave.

To celebrate the 7th week day I will reveal the names:

Adoreas Ridged Dominique, Dajan, Dylan, Drake, Diah, Donna, Dina, Dakota, Demi and Donnatella.

Today, as most other days, we have had lots of visitors. The weather has been lovely so the pups have spent most of the day at the terrace. After all the driving in car and exploring yesterday, I think it’s good with a rather calm day.

Some of the visitors today: