At the vet

Last Monday the pups visited our favourite vet, Halvor, at Grimstad Dyreklinkk. They got vaccine, chip and a health check. He couldn’t praise our beauties enough! So cool on the table! We really have a confident gang!
I didn’t take any pictures, because I had enough running in and out with 10 pups to the car, but here are a picture I posted on Instagram of changing the ink for the 3rd time making the info book to the puppybuyers:



Ohh, the pups are soon 8 weeks old, and soon ready to leave for new homes! It’s busy days, so not much update here. But tonight I published lots of pictures!
We still have a couple of puppies that search for the right homes! Here is sweet Mr Brown that still wants a family!

Monday I will take the whole gang to the vet for vaccine and health check.

IMG_4274 - Kopi