Presentation D-litter 5 days old

We have given the pups color names, and that’s just for you future puppy buyers to see who is who. The collars are just on when we take photos. The rest of the time the collars are off.


Black5dIMG_9274Mr Black. Correct ridge.

Brown5dIMG_9273Mr Brown. Correct ridge.

blue5dIMG_9264Mr Blue. Multi crowned ridge.

Grey5dIMG_9294Mr Grey. Multi crowned ridge.


Green5dIMG_9284Miss Green. Correct ridge.

Red5dIMG_9259Miss Red. Correct ridge.

Purple5dIMG_9256Miss Purple. Correct ridge.

Yellow5dIMG_9279Miss Yellow. Probably correct ridge.

Champagne5dIMG_9286Miss Champagne. Multi crowned ridge.

Orange5dIMG_9251Miss Champagne. Multi crowned ridge.

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