3 weeks old status

Our 10 puppies turned 3 weeks old last Wednesday. We celebrated that by moving them from the little puppypen in the quiet room downstairs, to a bigger puppypen in the livingroom. They now need more space, and they need more input as sounds, smells, other people, other dogs etc.

We have had lots of visitors the last days. Kids and grown ups. Mom Mea greets them welcome, and is the calmes and most affectionate mother. When the pups are finished eating she still lays with them and cuddle.

The weather are so lovely so I don’t spend much time in front of the computer, but here are some awaited pictures from last night (3 weeks and 2 days old) when puppy buyer Stine visited us from Skien (she has Adoreas Red Camille).

4 thoughts on “3 weeks old status

  1. Mea is the sweetest mother! – their is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming sweetness in Boa comes from Mea.. from genes but also from her sweet and tender upbringing of her puppies.. every RR deserves a mother like Mea 🙂

  2. TUUUSEN takk for titten forrige uke! Vi er så bergtatt av disse flotte valpene – tenker masse på dem hver dag! Tar kontakt med deg snart;-) Hilsen Hege&Peter

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