4 weeks old

The pups are now 4 weeks old and today I try to stack them for the first time. We took many hundres of photos, but I haven’t been able to look at them.
I have started making them a puppy yard on the porch, and they tested it this afternoon. Here are some pictures from the puppy pen inside and at the porch:





The puppies here at Kennel Adorea stay the first 4-5 weeks at my parents house, before I move them to our house. My mom doesn’t work, so she enjoy the puppies before they grow up to be too crazy.
We are this weekend expecting a litter of Toller pups, so I will stay together with them all until everything is stabile with our new pups before I move the RIdgeback pups to our house.
Here is a picture of the Toller (Fendi) who is so curious about the pups, and not yet knowing she will soon have her own pups:


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