Excursion to Gjerstad

This afternoon the pups, Mea and I visited puppy buyer Trude and her parents in Gjerstad. It’s 1 hour drive each way, so the pups have been driving a lot today too. They are calm and comfortable in the crate in the car, so that’s lovely. I even had to stop by in the city on my way, so they waited in the car in the parking garage while I were at the Real Estate. New sounds.
Here are some pictures from today. They first ran outside, and had a meal. Then it started to rain, and all the 10 pups and Mea took over their livingroom. Crazy puppies! And then the sun came out again, so they could run some more.
Thank you for a nice evening! And for the absolute lovely cake, Trude. Dina is looking forward to moving to you!

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